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Pali Aigo: Can the stroller's weight limit be exceeded?

Pc • 24 Sep 2021

Hi, can I exceed the recommended weight limit as my lil one is on the heavier side..?

Eli • 24 Sep 2021


In theory, you, of course, shouldn't. The manual states the maximum weight they guarantee for the stroller to be OK with.

On the other hand, most strollers, even if maybe the large ones, CAN hand a bit more in the seat. The more so if you won't fill the storage basket as there is also some weight capacity - so, for example, if the stroller's basket capacity is 2 kg and you put nothing in there, the stroller should hold up to 17 kg, theoretically. I did overstrain a few strollers occasionally, putting even 2 kids inside when in desperate need; however, they were larger and sturdier models than the Aigo buggy is.

I must warn you that this, as an affordable and rather small, compact model, may get damaged if putting a heavier child inside regularly. Usually, that means the folding can start to be lopsided and not work on one side; the wheels can get lopsided; and the frame, in extreme conditions, could break (or start to crack).

All in all, a bit (maybe 1-2 kg) should be fine, at least from my experience. The smaller the pushchair, though, the worse it will handle that, and you do take a little bit of risk of damaging it. In such a small buggy, a larger child could also feel quite cramped... So my advice, here - do use it if it's only occasionally, but for everyday rides, rather sell it and get something a bit more substantial, something mid-size with a wider seat (like a Kinderkraft Grande, for instance, or an Oyster Zero).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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