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Out n About Nipper Single: WHat is the seatback height and does it fit a tall toddler?

Ir I sh granny • 21 Jun 2022

What is the backrest height, and would it suit a tall toddler?

Eli • 22 Jun 2022


The seat back height is not indicated anywhere I looked and unfortunately, I don't have this model at hand to tell you the exact measurement. I can make an educated guess and tell you it could be about 48-50 cm, which is a tall backrest, justthe downside here is that the canopy is quite near above the end of the backrest. That means the stroller should fit a tall-ish toddler of up to 3 years old, but I cannot guarantee a super tall toddler or an older one (4+) will fit inside. It could but it might be a tight fit.

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