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Nuna trvs vs. Joolz Aer, what's the better option for international flight & occasional cobblestones/dirtpaths?

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eli & vii
M • 02 Aug 2022

Hi! Thanks for your expertise. I'm so happy to have found you.

I'm looking for a lightweight travel stroller and wanted your expert opinion on two potential routes. Budget around $500 USD. My daughter is small and about 18 lbs. We are taking our first long international flight. My priorities are, low weight and will manage ok on bumpy cobblestones, easy and fast close/open (preferably for one person). Ideally, it has some recline for naps at the airport.

I've been looking at the Joolz Aer (take on plane option) or Nuna Trvl (works well with our car seat). Would be great if the stroller can fit on plane overhead but not a deal breaker (hence the Nuna). We will mostly be in the city on paved streets and sidewalks with occasional cobblestones but may encounter well maintained dirt walking paths.

Many many thanks you for your potential input!

Eli • 02 Aug 2022

Hiya, M,

From what you're writing, and taking the price-quality ratio, I would definitely go for the Aer. I personally (and it seems to not be just me, check out this youtube channel called The Stroller Workshop where the guy goes into technical/mechanical details of strollers, also the trvl) don't like the trvl very much, as it seems like an overpriced version ot the cheap Joie Pact, and it feels a bit too small in the seat, a bit too slanted, and also a bit weak in the frame area for that prices. The Joolz Aer, on the other hand, is much much sturdier and also roomies. If you want to tackle the occasional bumpy roads and also something that will last you a bit, the Aer is definitely the better choice from my point of view.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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