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Nuna trvl: Does it have a footrest? Will it be good for a 6mo and a 3yo?

J mobes • 28 Jul 2022

Does it have a footrest? Looking to buy two lightweight strollers for holidays for a 6 month old and 3 year old. Would prefer to purchase one which has a footrest for comfort for my older child. Thanks.

Eli • 28 Jul 2022


Well, yes, the trvl does have a footrest, but it is quite small/shallow. The overall quality is also not as great for that price here, though, so I personally would NOT recommend this for a 3 years old. For an older toddler, I'd rather go with a better model. Some inspiration can be found in THIS top 2022 ultracompacts article I have put together, so I would suggest reading that.

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