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Nuna trvl: A Nuna Triv - Nuna TRVL stroller comparison

NewMama1 • 22 Feb 2022

How does this compare with the Nuna Triv? They seem very similar. Are there any major advantages / disadvantages to the TRVL (vs the Triv)?

Eli • 22 Feb 2022

Hey there,

well, the trvl stroller is, just like its name suggests, different in its OCCASIONAL suitability meant for traveling. I would never really recommend this smaller model for everyday use as it's WEAKER, less roomy, less durable, and with much worse driving characteristics than any normal everyday model - not alone a reversible stroller as the Nuna Triv is. To learn more, read this article of ours talking about ultra-compact strollers.

So the basic difference is - the reversible Triv s meant as a comfort urban model for babies even if they don't sit by themselves just yet, for moms needing something where they see the baby even if it means a shorter seat and less space to the canopy, AND something mid-size. The non-reversible, ultra-compact trvl is a small, occasional alternative for holidays, airports, around shops - when you don't care much about longevity and terrain just need something small to pack into the cabin luggage compartment.

My own opinion is that the trvl is not worth the money - there are better ultracompacts out there. (...check his top 2021 list of ultracompacts.)

...also worth checking:

Also good to know is that the Triv was rated not as good as it looks, and moms say it is not stable - so rather check something better like a Cybex Mios.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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