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Nuna Triv Next: Compatibility of the Cybex Cloud Z car seat with this stroller

Raphael • 08 Apr 2023


I’m asking about the compatibility of the Cybex Cloud Z car seat with the Nuna Triv Next stroller. I found on the market a pre-owned Nuna Ring adapter for car seats (with the strap for folding). Could be compatible? I already own a Cybex Cloud Z.

Thank you!

Eli • 08 Apr 2023

Hey, Raphael,

Unfortunately, no, the ring adapter only works with Nuna 0+ car seats, so it will nit work for your Cybex Cloud Z, no. There were adapters for Maxi-Cosi/Cybex car seats at one point (different to the ring adapter, they are in pairs and have this U-shaped attachment system), however Nuna stopped making those, and so if you don't find them preowned somewhere, you won't be able to attach your Cloud Z car seat to the Tri frame.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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