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Nuna Pepp Next: Is this foldable with one hand and does it fit the cabin luggage size requirements?

New mom again • 10 Jan 2022

Can you open and close the stroller with one hand and can it fit in an overhead compartment on the plane?

Eli • 10 Jan 2022

Hi, there, new mom,

The Nuna Pepp Next doesn't fit the overhead compartment on a plane, I am sorry. It is much too tall when folded for that (93.5 cm). This is a small, reasonably compact city buggy but not an ultra-compact travel stroller - read more here. Also, here are some examples of smaller, plane-friendly ultracompacts that were best this summer.

About the folding system, it is not one-handed either. You need to open both locks on the handlebar sides and push it in, then close again, and also, there are two pull-up levers on the sides that require both hands. You can check the folding in this video at 1:06.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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