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Nuna Mixx vs. Bugaboo Fox bundles with a Nuna car seat - what is worth buying?

Ron • 24 Jul 2022


I am torn between the Nuna Mixx generation bundle which comes with Nuna Pipa car seat bundle, or the Bugaboo Fox which comes with the Nuna Turtle Air car seat bundle.

We are both tall, the baby is likely to be tall, and we want something that is suitable for different terrains as we have a dog and like walking.

Bugaboo is more expensive, and we are happy to pay but only if it’s justified.

Eli • 24 Jul 2022

Hiya, Ron,

The Nuna Mixx line, even if looking nice and premiusm, is to me the lower quality model here, as its frame feels loose right out of the box and only gets looser. Also, the seat unit on a Nuna Mixx Next is much smaller than a Bugaboo seat, so if you both are tall, this option will last you much shorter overall.

The Bugaboo Fox is lighter, a bit more compact and a much better push as well as longevity. You will also sell it much better after you're done with it, which is why I would definitely rather invest in that than the Mixx.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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