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Nuna Mixx Next: What is wrong with the foorest?

Ruby • 15 Jun 2022

I’ve heard some reviews about the footrest being awkward or uncomfortable for some older toddlers - but can’t picture how or why. Do you have any further advice on this area of the pram?

Eli • 15 Jun 2022

Hey there, Ruby,

The "problem" with the Mixx Next pram for older toddlers is the seat that is just too small. I will get to the foot/leg rest area, too, but the whole is a bit narrow, the canopy just over the backrest, and not the leg rest - it is simply short. For a small baby, it is just fine, but as the child grows, you cannot have it upward as it will be hurting the kid, possibly, as it will end at about half the calf, pushing into the calf. That is when you normally put the leg rest down and the child uses the plastic footrest underneath to rest its feet, but that one is a bit far down, so the child unable to use the leg rest can't reach the footrest yet and its feet are dangling.

All of this is no huge problem, of course, and yes, the dangling feet don't bother every child, just that is probably what the reviews complained about. I myself am not into this stroller much, it feels nicely padded and pretty, but a bit bulky and loose in terms of chassis while not roomy enough for that price.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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