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Nuna Mixx Next: The buckle on the crotch pad is way too tight, what to do?

Ari • 25 Aug 2022

The buckle that is covered by the crotch pad is way too tight! We tried adjusting the shoulders to loosen it but I don’t know what we’re doing wrong. He is only 20 pounds at 19 months and only about 35 inches. Any ideas?? It’s cutting into his little thighs and he is a tiny boy for his age. Can’t imagine a 50 pound kid.

Eli • 25 Aug 2022

Hi, Ari,

The weight capacities are way overstated, with reversible strollers that is even worse than normal. What I would do here is to remove the pad on the crotch strap (even if by force), and see if there's a bit more space and/or even a clip to prolong it.

Last (but not a safe) thing moms do is not to use the harness... but of course that is not an ideal solution.

Not much else you can do, I am pretty sure you won't fit a large toddler in here, so perhaps it will be usable for those 2-2.5 years of age.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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