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Nuna Mixx Next: Does the unfolding mechanism get stuck to other people, too?

Chad • 18 Feb 2022

When folding down the Nuna Mixx, do the handles that slide up to unlock the frame to fold it down ever get stuck when trying to slide upwards? It seems that when I slide the handles back, I don’t have any issues, but my wife seems to struggle with sliding them up and folding the stroller down?

Thank you!!

Eli • 18 Feb 2022

Hi, Chad,

Such a thing can be very dependent on the way someone does it. I personally had a similar problem with a Maclaren buggy, and, over time, the securing lever actually bent and was in the way even more than before. I did not hear much about this problem on this particular model, but it certainly is possible.

My advice here would be, to help your wife and fold it together multiple times, finding out if it's still happening. Also, don't forget stroller cleaning and maintenance (read more about that HERE) - it may be there is hair or dirt inside, and all the moving parts need a bit of oiling from time to time.

If the problem is still there after all that and a few weeks of time, ask the shop you bought it in about warranty claims and repairs/service as there can be an internal problem.

Please, don't forget to leave a review of your stroller to help other parents - just like we tried to help you ^_^

Your -very berry- Eli.

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