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November baby, uneven terrain - what to choose (EW Harvey3 X Gesslein FX4 X AC Design Salsa Air)?

Basa • 18 Aug 2021

Hey Eli,

first of all, "chapeau-bas"! I have read many of your reviews as well as some of the stroller guides of a more general nature... they're extremely helpful & very easy to understand!

I came to the point when the more models I check, the less I am able to assess and compare all their pros and cons :-D After each model, new and new recommendations to comparable models pop up and I really want to make a decision already...

I'm a first-time mother-to-be (November baby), living close to the forest path (it isn't an extremely harsh terrain, but still bumpy and with some tree roots from time to time) - that will be our daily location for walks, every now and then combined with historical city streets. Suitability for this terrain is my highest priority.

So far I like Easywalker Harvey 3 Premium the most. I am also enchanted by its low weight (for this kind of a stroller), its design, and many other parameters (like the size of the seat, XL sun-canopy, fabrics, and its more environmentally friendly production, ...). I was also thinking of ABC Design Salsa 4 Air but it's heavier by 3kg (which is in my view quite a lot but it's true that I don't expect lifting the stroller very often so possibly I could live with that). I was also checking Gesslein FX4 Life but there, the front wheels are smaller than on Harvey 3 (and there is an even bigger difference compared to Salsa 4 Air) so I'm not sure whether it is therefore suitable for my terrain. Another thing with Gesslein is that its price is the highest out of those three so I'm thinking whether it's really because it's the best value for money...

Would you choose one of these? Or would you go for something different? Recently I've come across the TFK brand but don't know which model should possibly be the best for me (FYI I will rather go jogging without the stroller).

Thank you very much in advance for your opinion!

Eli • 20 Aug 2021

Hello, Basa!

I am so glad our stroller reviews and stroller choosing guides were helpful ☺️ That is why we do it, so hearing you found it so makes me happy 😊

Moving to your struggle, I see from what you write you prefer the Easywalker Harvey3 the most. It is truly nice, weight-wise, and the Easywalker Harvey2 got many enhancements in the following Harvey3 version, so it's even better when we reviewed the Harvey2 stroller - I tried it in the stores to confirm that 🤩 The larger wheels and nice suspension will help you where you live, and I truly think, just like - I believe - you do, that it will probably be the best choice. Not talking about how luxuriously it looks. Btw, it will come out in a black& gold version in September if a bit of luxury would be what you crave as well 😎

As the Gesslein FX4 Life is also a quality stroller, I don't want to make it sound worse - it isn't, but it's not necessary and you'll save some money, getting the Harvey. And yes, the larger front wheels of the Harvey will help.

As for the ABC Design Salsa 4 Air, yes it is a good candidate, and the air-filled wheels are probably the best... But it's a simpler stroller with a simpler seat unit, to be honest, so I would be OK with that choice if you didn't care about this stuff... But honestly, the seat it better on the Harvey (as well as on the Gesslein FX4).

If I can suggest something, I would probably go with the Premium Harvey - the carrycot is simply better with the anti-reflux incline and the window, but it's not a must - just a cool thing to have. I personally would probably more think about the Premium at least...

And for other choices to consider, the Concord Camino is something completely different but a very nice choice, push-wise, nonetheless... The ride over roots and such would, at least, also be comfy with that one. My personal choice here would also be the
here just for the lovely push in any terrain and awesome space everywhere, but that one is the heaviest pram of all these... but if you wouldn't carry/load it much, truly the pushing comfort is worth trying it out at least in some store.

Hope I helped! You actually made fantastic choices here really, and you won't go too bad with any of those. Choose with your heart now, what you like looks, functions-wise, and don't compare too much - since you picked well already. 😊 Good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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