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My Baby Jogger Summit X3's harness broke, what to do?

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eli & vii
May • 22 Sep 2022

Hi Eli,

I bought a secondhand Baby Jogger Summit X3 with a broken 5 point harness. Unfortunately our local distributor cannot replace the harness and suggest buying a new seat. In times where ressources are getting short I think this is a crazy waste of material...

I searched the classifieds and didn't find anything. Do you have a life hack for my problem?
I was thinking about a combination of a 5 point harness from Wish and a Sea-to-Summit Field Repair Buckle...

Thanks a lot in advance.

Eli • 23 Sep 2022

Hiya, May,

I would most probably do one of two things (or a combination of these):

I would contact a good tailor services provider around. They might have their ow resources and can order, sew in, repair such things, and it will be professionally made. So this would be my first go-to.

The second would be to get a universal harness from eBay or Amazon and try to adjust it to the City ELite. There are cheaper ones but most probably better ones as well, though even a cheaper one that would be fitted to the stroller seat should work ok (again, here, a tailor could help, too).

I would definitely not buy a new seat because of a harness O_O

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.