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Muuvo Quick 2.0: Is there a buggy board included?

Николина • 01 Apr 2022

I am looking to buy a safety board, is it sold separately or only complete with the stroller? (from original Bulgarian: Търся да закупя предпазен борд ,продава ли се отделно или само в комплект с количката?)

Eli • 01 Apr 2022

Hi, Николина,

If by safety board you mean the [[article:sayoroseni|buggy board for an older sibling], there is no kiddy ride included with this stroller, nor a dedicated original Muuvo board for this particular stroller. You will need to get a sibling board separately, something universally fitting, like a Lascal Buggy Board or a Bumprider.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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