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Mutsy Nexo: Ventilation in the summer - can I actually let my little one sleep in the stroller in a shade during summer?

Mel • 03 May 2022

I have a question about ventilation.
Namely, I haven't paid attention so far, but here's how the warmer days started, I'm interested in when I decide to let my son sleep in them, whether due to the firm fabric and lack of some ventilation mesh, I can let the child sleep in them, say in the park or on the beach.
Of course, I would always look for shade, but I'm interested in whether there is air inside when they are in a completely lying position, and with the roof stretched out.
I apologize for the lengthy question,

thanks in advance for the reply

(from original Croation:
Imam pitanje u vezi ventilacije.
Naime do sada nisam obracala pažnju, ali evo kako su krenuli topliji dani, zanima me kad odlučim pustiti sina da odspava u njima, da li s obzirom na čvrstu tkaninu i nedostatak nekakve mrežice za ventilaciju, mogu pustiti djete da odspava u njima, recimo u parku ili na plaži ako smo.
Naravno uvijek bi tražila hladovinu, al zanima me da li kad su u skroz ležećem položaju, te sa razvučenim krovićem, da li ima unutra zraka.
Ispričavam se na podužem pitanju, te
hvala unaprijed na odgovoru)

Eli • 03 May 2022

Hi, Mel,

Of course, hot temperatures can be dangerous for adults and small children alike. Ventilation is a good thing, but I wouldn't overthink it as there is always airflow in the stroller, as the front is always open. Never let your child closed in, e.g. by covering the stroller with a blanket fully, and if you let the baby sleep IN THE SHADE (never in direct sunlight), while keeping an eye on him/her, it is absolutely fine. Always use your own heart and brain, and if in a shade while not being absolutely extremely hot, it is actually healthy to sleep outside. Just be careful not to cover everything – especially with smaller kids!

Also worth mentioning are the sweat-absorbent, cooling seat liners that even more promote air-flow – e.g. Aeromoov.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.