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Mutsy Evo: A folding demonstration - how to fold the Evo the best (with the seat on)?

Ellie • 29 Dec 2022

Hi, is there only one version Mutsy Evo model, please? I haven’t seen any video of folding down with seat attached but looking various reviews some buyers say it’s very easy with just using two buttons on the frame. I’m wondering if there are newer versions with such an easy folding system or there is just an original version already easy on that aspect. I would like to see a better demonstration of the folding with the attached seat, please.

Eli • 29 Dec 2022

Hiya, Ellie,

I am attaching a video with the folding with and without the seat, this one is an older one:

Then, the newer one suggests it is better to fold the removed seat (folding the seat is a newer feature, added about 6 years ago):

There are, of course, older and newer versions, as the collections are changing on a yearly basis, however, the folding function did not really change, at least not on the frame part. You need to recline the seat then use the two side levers to fold it with the seat, OR you need to remove the seat altogether.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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