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Multiple stroller from newborn to toddler and for different uses - what are the best picks?

Chris • 18 Feb 2022

Hi Eli,

I really love your page, it is very helpful and I check it very often just to read your latest advice.

I am still trying to decide which stroller/strollers would suit our situation best.

We live in a rural area and I need a stroller for walks in the woods and countryside and probably a second one for public transportation/commutes to the city and for car rides/weekend trips. The space in the back of the car is very limited. We already have older kids that walk and don't need any strollers anymore. That's why I don't want to make a detour around every stair we encounter. So the stroller should be rather lightweight...

I also plan to carry the baby quite often and expect it to walk short distances soon (>2.5yrs), so I thought about a lightweight compact-fold from the age of 2.

Here is the selection I made from strollers I could get cheap from classifieds or secondhand from friends (I absolutely don't want to buy a new stroller) and I would like to get your advice/comparison of which stroller would suit our situation best.

Newborn to 1.5yrs (carrycot/bassinet)Naturkind Lux[seed-pli-plus|Seed Pli Plus]]

I don't want to have a bulky and heavy stroller afterward if only needed occasionally.

1.5-2.5yrsCybex Mios (+ reversible seat)

2.5-3.5yrsBabyjogger City Mini Zip (already have one)Babyjogger City Mini GT2 for daily use
Pre-owned Joolz Aer for travels/short distances

I really don't want to fill our house with 5+ strollers, but right now I don't see any other option than buying more than one stroller. Could you help to narrow it down?

Sorry for the long text and thanks a lot for your advice!

Eli • 18 Feb 2022

Hi, Chris,

I get it, and yes, the only option of pretty much all parents these days is to have multiple (at least two) strollers. hat's fine, so no worrying about it.

From your newborn options, my own direction would be to the Seed Pli. I had a Seed Papilio myself and even if not all-terrain mountain pram on paper, the frame is EXTREMELY durable and with great driveability. The Naturkind seems bulky and not worth the price, but of course, the opinions differ from person to person.

You will see yourself how happy you are with the first pram, then moving on to the Mios makes sense. I would, however, change sooner, if so, as a reversible seat makes the most sense from about 6-10 months to about 1.5-2 years. To change from 1.5 to a reversible seater, I am not sure. You might actually rather keep the Seed/Naturkind. But for travels and around shops, why not. I would use it sooner.

With the Mios, I would either keep the Zip if you already have it, it is a nimble small buggy, so why not. Only if you were unhappy, the Aer makes sense to swap to. The BJ City Mini GT2 makes sense only if you need an everyday all-terrain versatile pushchair (it is a good one, but you won't use both the Zip and the GT2 to the fullest, tbh - just decide then what you need more if the smallest possible (most probably) or an all-terrain one. Both are reasonably compact.

A last piece of advice - don't rush right now. You can just pick a first one (and a small buggy you already have with it) and, along the way, get to know what it is you're missing.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.