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Moving to Greece, needing an all-terrain stroller for three (now owning a BGB Donkey). Mountain Buggy Duet, Valco, something else..?

Trevor • 26 Nov 2021

Hi Eli,

My wife and I are moving to Thessaloniki Greece and are looking for an all terrain stroller that can accommodate all of our kids. We have a daughter who is 3, a son 18 months old and our daughter who is 8 weeks old.

We will be traveling a little bit as well, so ideally we would like a stroller that is easy to take along with us. We also go on a lot of walks, and if we are going to a beach or to a market on rough streets, we would like a stroller that can handle those conditions.

We have used the Bugaboo Donkey and like how easy it is to move around and the reversibility of the seats for the kids.

Our kids are on the smaller side for their ages.

We would also like a stroller that can accommodate our infant daughter if possible with a bassinet/etc.

We are looking for the best possible stroller for our situation, so from a budget perspective we are comfortable paying up to $1,500.00 or so.

We were looking at the Mountain Buggy Duet v3 and the Valco Baby Duo X. The Valco Baby Duo x said it was going to be discontinued, so that made us unsure about that option. The mountain buggy stroller seemed great considering how light and small it is, however the tires were only 10" in diameter, so it seemed a little small for an all-terrain ride. We liked that the Valco baby duo x had the option to have a third seat. The Bugaboo Donkey 3 is good, just very cumbersome to take places. What about the Valco Baby Twin?

Eli • 26 Nov 2021

Hi, Trevor,

The Valco Baby stroller will most certainly be lighter, but otherwise, all of the double/triple strollers will be bulky and not the easiest to travel with. The Valco third seat is not available in many places, so it would be good to check if you can get ahold of that as well.

To be honest, I would probably stay with the Bugaboo Donkey here as it is so comfortable that you won't find anything with such weight and driveability. The bulkiness is a price to pay for that, but it is, in my eyes, worth it. If you absolutely need to occasionally sit your eldest down in some kind of seat, do get the Bugaboo comfort board with a seat and use it like that. If she's three, she will be walking parts of the journey anyway.

The Mountain Buggy Duet is a great all terrain option in my eyes, I believe the wheels will be enough for the use you're describing for sure. However, the same three-kids setup will have to be applied for your third, meaning maybe it is not worth swapping the Bugaboo. The only thing you'll get extra will be the bit flatter fold.

If, still, the weight is the stroller priority for you, I would get the more urban Valco Snap Ultra Duo which will be nice and light, while still not a triple stroller (needing a buggy board) and still not the smallest after folding.

My own approach here would be as follows- You have a good pram, keep it for at least a bit still, explore the terrain and your new needs after moving... and think about something smaller and lighter again after a few weeks or months. I am sure you'll be grateful not to spend the money before even knowing if light or all-terrain or compact is the priority. And you, again, have a very nice stroller already in your ownership.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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