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Mountain Buggy Swift: Is the Mountain Buggy MB Mini smaller than the Swift?

Victoria • 01 Nov 2021

Is the Mini a lot smaller than the Swift?

Eli • 02 Nov 2021

Hi, Victoria,

with the Swift clocking at 106 cm x 58 cm x 83 cm (open) and 72 cm x 58 cm x 31 cm (folded down), and the Mountain Buggy MB Mini being 106 cm x 58 cm x 82.5 cm (open) and 72 cm x 58 cm x 25.5 cm (closed, folded), no, the strollers are pretty much the same size. The MB Mini is just a few centimeters less wide in the folded state, while the Swift boasts a slightly wider, roomier seat.

Still, you won't get a huge difference going for one or the other, so go for any that you like more, design/features-wise, or the one that is for a better price 😉

Your -very berry- Eli.

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