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Mountain Buggy Nano V3: Does the Nano V3 have a popper on its safety strap?

Amandapanda • 10 Nov 2021

Does the Nano V3 have a popper on its 'safety strap' as some of the videos show a velcro strap instead - is this the v2? I've just brought a V3 and the popper strap is not long enough to fold around the buggy so that you can't pick it up one-handed to put in the back of the car - if you do it just opens back up as you lift. So now I'm wrapping two arms around it to keep it together/folded every time I lift it. Annoying! I wouldn't ask unless I had seen videos of a longer velcro handle that holds it all together.


Eli • 11 Nov 2021

Hi, Amandapanda!

I do believe there should be a side, plastic safety lock, I mean, even Mountain Buggy's official video shows it to have one. Another video presenting the V3 model, however, showed that there was nothing at all, meaning not even a strap in place, so I think it varies from country to country, or from month to month. They might have designed it so that it should have a security latch and then removed it because of technical problems or simply lowering the costs.

The velcro strap you found is not used for what you think, that is for securing a car seat onto the pushchair's seat.

Check your stroller's manual, it might show or not show the automatic plastic lever lock (or not) - then you'll know if you should have gotten one with or without it. Also, consult with the Mountain Buggy / Phil&Teds customer service to know more, if you're still unsure or the manual shows something different than you've god.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.