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Mountain Buggy Duet V2: Will a carrycot from a Duet V3 fit my Duet V2 stroller?

Claudia • 09 Mar 2022

I have a second-hand mountain buggy duet, I think it's a v2. Would a carrycot from a V3 fit on my V2? Really struggling to find any official info about compatibility.

Many thanks in advance

Eli • 09 Mar 2022

Hi, Claudia,

A carrycot - with the right adapters, of course - should fit the Duet V2, yes. A tiny problem might be, if it was the V1 which had quite a different carrycot AND adapters for those, so there could be a problem; however, a V3 carrycot should be just fine on the V2 if you have (or get) the adaptors (or get the carrycot with adaptors already).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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