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Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Geo (The Luxury Collection): Where to get a new grab (bumper) bar?

Mia • 07 Nov 2021

Hi there! I have the Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan and need to buy a new grab bar. They are not for sale anywhere and was wondering if you know if bars from other models will fit? I’ve also understood that Phil and Teds is their sister brand. Would they have a handle that works on the Cosmopolitan?

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eli & vii
Eli • 07 Nov 2021

Hello, Mia!

The bad news is, other models, as well as brands/pushchairs, usually make the belly bar attachment system differently, and the seat's width and other parameters will simply be different - therefore, you cannot actually use another bumper bar on this model. Each stroller has a dedicated bumper bar, and they are not normally interchangeable; the chance of finding a different stroller which's bumper bar would fit is pretty much zero.

Moving on, you can - YES - contact Phil&Teds, their customer service is usually very very polite and kind so if they have this spare part in stock somewhere, I am sure they'll help you out.

If, however, they won't, your chances are quite slim. What you can do is to search sites like eBay; people sell their spare parts (also for strollers) quite a lot there. Also, browsing classifieds and finding somebody who's selling his/her Cosmopolitan stroller for parts (if it's, ie., broken) is also a thing that sometimes happens. And also, google any Mountain Buggy seller around you (if there are any). They could have parts still in stock somewhere, so it's worth a try.

I hope I have helped! If you'd be so kind and left a Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan review here to help others, yourself, as well, I would be very grateful!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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