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Mothercare Ride: The stroller doesn't fold anymore on one side - what to do?

A Hayward • 22 Sep 2021

Hi there,

We have the Mothercare Ride and it suddenly won’t collapse. The mechanism seems to fail on one side.

Eli • 23 Sep 2021


I will probably disappoint you here but that is an internal problem that you won't be able to resolve y yourself unless you have a mechanic that did this already at home. It is a result of a weak internal mechanism and this disbalance is very difficult to impossible to repair even after opening the joint... The truth is, this often happens with cheaper pushchairs, mainly if they were subjected to strain either from a higher weight of the child/load, or rough terrain conditions, or simply from regular folding (but it also happens with some of the Cybex ones).

I think you should definitely try to lubricate the joint after cleaning your stroller - read more about cleaning and maintenance here, even for the future - maybe the damaged dislocated mechanism will loosen a bit for some time... but don't put much hope in this, it's just a last resort...

So there's not much advice I can give you here except - try to contact customer service, they might be willing to replace your damaged piece... use it only in the opened state and don't try to fold it anymore... or think about a new buggy. I am sorry and I wish to help you more but this is an honest answer - I wouldn't be able to do much with this even if I had it here with me to repair it]]...

Please do try and help other parents by
and your experience with it, it will take you one to two minutes and will help many...

Your -very berry- Eli.

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