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Mothercare Genie: What age do you recommend converting the pram?

whatage • 05 Aug 2022

What age do you recommend to convert from pushchair position to buggy position?

Eli • 05 Aug 2022

Hi there,

Usually, the conversion happens somewhere around 6 months of age of the child. It is, however, highly subjective - the best it to change it at the time the baby starts sitting by itself, without help*, which is completely normal to happen around 9-10-11 months when the parents aren't helping (which is, actually, a harmful practice). I personally would convert the lie-flat position to the seat unit position when I would the baby unhappy in that position, and/or when it sits by itself, not sooner. If your baby cries a lot in the pram even sooner, around 5 months you can convert the carrycot to the sitting part but only use it in the fully reclined position, especially if the baby cannot sit**.

Read more about when to pass from a bassinet to the seat unit/buggy in this article I wrote about that topic to know more.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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