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Mothercare Amble: How to remove the canopy?

Kay • 26 Sep 2021

It says removable canopy. I brought my pram as a display so Iā€™m not sure how the canopy was connected or how to disconnect it. Any ideas?

Eli • 27 Sep 2021

Hi, Kay,

The Mothercare Amble's hood can be removed from the frame (you need to slide the front attachments up and then detach all that is behind from the rest of the fabrics). It, however, cannot be removed in any easy way from the wires that hold it. It should also not be washed to not make it damaged or faded (read more in our cleaning and maintenance guide to know more as well as find inspiration on how to clean your canopy).

It should be possible to put it completely off, but needing quite some strength in pulling of the wires and then putting them back will be even more difficult... I myself would not remove the textiles from the wires, to be honest, it's too much of a risk. Do check your manual if unsure, but I am pretty sure the manufacturer doesn't recommend washing the fabrics - just wipe-clean or hand-brush gently.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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