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Mothercare 4-wheel Journey: A front wheel doesn't swivel anymore, what to do?

Ellie • 02 Nov 2021

The front right wheel is stuck and won’t swivel, is there a way I can fix this?

Eli • 02 Nov 2021

Hey, Ellie!

There can be a few things causing the front swivel wheels staying stuck. The first would be a simple locking mechanism being activated. Did you check the locking lever, if it isn't on while you not have noticed that? Do play around with the front wheel locking system to be sure it is off (if the other wheel swivels, its lock is released, so check if both locks are in the same position). The wheel locks are the white buttons on top of the front wheels' axle.

Next in line, the inside of the wheel could be dirty or lack grease (lubrication). If there's no such problem as a simply locked wheel, you should try to remove the wheel (the release buttons are the light side buttons on top of the wheel casing) and first remove any dirt (hair, grass, sand...) then lubricating the joint with WD-40 or similar spray.

Lastly, there could be an internal problem, if nothing out of the two things mentioned would work. That would, unfortunately, mean a need for repair (or a replacement), which only the seller/distributor/manufacturer or any of their repair service will be able to provide (after determining the problem). I would try the lock then the [[article:ruyunochi|cleaning and maintenance (more about those in this article)], and if nothing helps, you will simply need to contact the place you bought your pram at.

Good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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