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Moon ReSea S: Moon Resea S vs. Cybex Balios S, which to choose (in Berlin)?

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eli & vii
Gabriel Castro • 01 Oct 2022

Hi there,

I am between the Moon Resea S and the Cybex Balios S. Would you be able to give your opinion on what’s the best option in your opinion? I’m also happy to hear about other suggestions 😃

I live in Berlin and both options are on the same price range.
Thanks for your help 🙏

Eli • 01 Oct 2022

Hiya, Gabriel,

Actually two very nice middle class choices, and both have their pluses (and cons, too). I personally would probably go for the Balios S as the seat there is larger, meaning it will last you better. I also am not as much into closed baskets, the storage space becomes a bit too restricted for me personally.

However, the ReSea is sturdier, and even a bit more compact, frame-wise, and overall moms quite praise the small but nimble, durable frame as well as the bassinet which is btw quite high on the chassis, which comes in handy right after giving birth.

The decision comes down to this - if you're looking at a starter pram, mainly the bassinet and a short period of ue of the seat unit, the Moon ReSea is probably the better choice. If you mean to use the seat longer, too, then the Cybex Balios S is probably the better option.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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