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Moon ReSea S: Moon Resea or an older Bugaboo Buffalo?

mimy • 21 Mar 2023


Due to budget, I am considering buying new Moon ReSea S or a 5 years old Bugaboo Buffalo. I know Bugaboo is quite superior, but considering the time of usage, I am interested in whether normal tear and wear would still make it a better choice than Moon ReSea S?

Thank you!

Eli • 21 Mar 2023

Hey, mimi,

In general, yes, a 5 years old stroller, especially a better one like the Buffalo, should be totally ok. However, you need to check it beforehand - it always depends on how the original owners treated it, and so you should check for rust, a lot of loosenesses, damage, and so on. If all looks reasonable, the Bugaboo Buffalo should be, in my eyes, the higher quality choice - however, you should only go for it if you need something more all terrain. The ReSea is smaller, more compact, but also more urban - which, in a city and undemanding walks can be a bis positive. If you will need more terrain-capable pram though, go for the Buff.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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