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miniuno Toura: One part of the seat's attachment system got moved differently than the other one, what to do?

AyoBami • 05 Jun 2022

I have been trying to assemble my stroller, but got stuck as the chassis of the seat looks different on both side. On one side it’s straight and goes right into the stroller and on the other side it’s slanted so it doesn’t go into the stroller. I tried to straighten it back up so it’s looking like the other side but it wouldn’t budge so I’m wondering if that’s how it’s supposed to me….

Help me please as I have not been able to use the stroller.

Eli • 05 Jun 2022

Hey there,

I believe what happened is that in the box, or when getting it out, the positioning button was pushed and only one side pushed on, meaning one side of the seat frame got moved while the other did not. It is not at all that hard to fi, at least if what I think happened really happened - you only need to push the positioning button on the (bare) seat unit, and by your other hand just move the one side that is in the wrong direction, aligning it with the other one. That is all.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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