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miniuno Toura: My fron wheels do as they please, what to do?

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eli & vii
Lil • 30 Jun 2022

The front wheels have been misaligned. When I'm in shops they don't turn, or they swivel in opposite directions so I can push the pushchair. I've only used the pushchair once as my baby is 1 week old. I don't know how to fix the problem.

Eli • 01 Jul 2022

Hi, Lil,

I'm afraif you cannot, the cheaper materials simply got damaged and the joints of the front wheels are not right. You cannot repair this by yourself, so I would suggest contacting the seller/distributor where you got your pram at, and/or the customer service of the brand. You can also try and search for stroller repairing services but that is a very rare thing to find. All in all, this is not a thing to be easily fixed - definitely worth trying a bit of cleaning and maintenance (more about that here), but there is not much else you can do, a professional should replace or repair the wheels for you.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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