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Mikado Duet: Is it lightweight to get in and out of the car easily? P.S. C section and stomach problems

Underscore1 • 10 Jan 2022

Is it lightweight to fold up and get out of car? As am having a c-section and suffer stomach problems anyways...

Eli • 10 Jan 2022

Hey there!

I will disappoint you now but no, this is not a light pram BY FAR. Weighing 18 kilograms, this is HEAVY AS HELL to load and unload in and out of your car's trunk, and is not advisable to do that for weeks after a C section for sure. If insisting on this model, be sure to ask your partner to do that instead of you, and don't plan to travel with this much (it is also very bulky).

You can also think of getting something super small and simple just for traveling (even if pre-owned) - e.g., something like a Koelstra Simba Twin. Also, read more about double strollers in this article of ours, just for more information and inspiration.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.