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Micralite ProFold: How to adjust the harness belts to attach a footmuff?

Lia • 11 Dec 2021

How do you adjust the straps to attach the footmuff?

Eli • 12 Dec 2021

Hiya, Lia!

This depends more on the footmuff you own (or plan to purchase) than on this model. I mean, the harness is rather straightforward, pretty simple – you need to retread, so pull out the straps, tread each through the cosytoes' hole for each strap, and tread back into the seatback. There are also footmuffs with two larger hole sand velcro that do not require retreading, they'll simply "hug" the straps and close around those (e.g., newer Lodger Bunkers, Elodie Details, etc.).

So, again, depending on the foomuff you own, you either need to pull the straps out, through the footmuff, and in again, OR you only need to attach the footmuff around the straps without the need for retreading.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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