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Maxi-Cosi Mura 3: Is the handlebar height good enough for a six-foot-tall person?

Hil • 06 Jan 2022

I'm six foot tall - is the handle height good? I'll be using it daily and rough terrain,

Thank you

Eli • 07 Jan 2022

Hiya, Hil,

The handle doesn't offer much range for very tall people, it goes from 100 cm (39 inch) to 106 cm (41.7 inch). I mean, it SHOULD be enough, my hubby is 6.1 feet tall and was OK (not ultra-comfy but fine) with similar heights of handlebars, saying he would appreciate a few more centimeters but it doesn't bother him.

The general advice is, then, that it should be good, I believe, but a bit higher push bar height range would probably be a slightly better fit even. The best way is to try, of course, but if you can=t and the price is very good, I would still go for it. This model is sturdy and good for terrain, too (it is also on the heavier side).

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.