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Maxi-Cosi Lila: Will an Oria bassinet with the second seat be possible to attach at the same time?

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eli & vii
Lala • 10 Nov 2022


I have the Maxi-Cosi Lila (with the double seat package for the toddler at the front), I love this pram, but the seat/foldable bassinet is not great for the baby to sleep when we are away. I've been looking into purchasing the Maxi-Cosi Oria Bassinet but I'm not sure if the front seat would still fit having the bassinet in?

Eli • 10 Nov 2022

Hi, Lala,

Unfortunately, you won't be able to pair it up like that, with the Oria bassinet, the second seat will not fit on the frame - the bassinet is larger, and the modular seat is quite compact, made to fit there with the second seat. You can only use two seats (one in the foldable cor configuration) or a combo with a reclinable car seat (think Joie i-Level, Kiddy Evoluna, Cybex Cloud...).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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