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Maxi-Cosi Lila: Our stroller collapses by itself, what to do?

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eli & vii
Tai • 10 Jul 2022

Hi Eli,

My Maxi Cosi Lila Modular Stroller is collapsing on itself while the kiddo is sitting inside. We haven't damaged it or anything. So I can't imagine why suddenly after 2 years of use it would start doing this. We are very gentle with it. Would you know how to trouble shoot this?

I tried writing to their customer service but haven't heard back yet.
Thanks for your help!

Eli • 10 Jul 2022

Heya, Tai,

The reason for this is most probably an internal wire that snapped (or the joint of the wires/internal mechanism that was holding it in its place), and that is not a thing you can repair by yourselves, I'm afraid. The wire or joint/púastic component holding it together will need to be replaced, most probably. So you can only try the customer service some more or try to find a stroller repair service or a Maxi-Cosi distributor around you. I am sorry for bringing up bad news but even I wouldn't know how to repair this by myself, without having the proper training and/or parts.

Btw, it is not your fault, I believe you were gentle with it. These models are made to be on the cheaper side, and having about two years, the component probably just wore down. I would also not use it anymore while the thing is not repaired as it can be a health hazard for your little one, the folding while still inside.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.