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Maxi-Cosi Leona: Is there a toddler stand or sibling seat compatible with the Leona?

Chloe • 18 Dec 2021

Is there a toddler stand/seat compatible with the Leona which is attached to the stroller?

Eli • 20 Dec 2021

Hi, Chloe,

There is no second seat available, nor an original sibling ride is made for this pretty lightweight stroller with rather small wheels. You can, however, attach a universally fitting kiddy board on the back of the stroller - two brands I can highly recommend because of their easy fit on pretty much any stroller chassis are the Lascal Buggy Board (here, I'd go for the Mini as the pushchair is not so large) OR the Bumprider board.

P.S. I would strongly advise reading this sibling board guide of ours just to know all the pros and cons as well!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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