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Maxi-Cosi Jaya: A very tall parent vs. an ultra-compact stroller

Rhi • 04 Aug 2022


I am very tall and have an Uppababy Vista which I have on the highest handlebar setting. How tall is the handlebar in comparison to other light strollers like the Uppababy Minu or other similar ones?

Thanks Rhi

Eli • 05 Aug 2022

Hi, Rhi,

The tallest handle setting of the Vista is really tall and almost incomparable to the fixed-handlebar ultracompacts. The Minu and a few ones have it reasonably high but still not high enough, not by far to what you're used to. I will suggest going on Amazon and searching for 'stroller extension handles' and getting one of those to use with an ultracompact - and when getting an ultracompact, try one with at least 105 cm tall handle (definitely not lower than 103 cm).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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