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Mamas&Papas Strada vs. Cybex Talos S Lux – which stroller is better?

Kelly • 11 Apr 2022

Which stroller do you recommend between Mamas & Papas Strada or Cybex Talos S Lux?

Eli • 11 Apr 2022

Hi, Kelly,

These two are actually very different in terms of weight, foldability, compactness, use, and overall lifestyle suitability, so there is not a clear "this one is better" statement unless you tell me what it is you need, what are your stroller priorities.

The Talos is a LARGE, heavy, do-it-all tank of sorts, so I would recommend that if you don't load and unload it in and out of your car too often. It will be of most use on bumps, in the countryside etc. where you'll need its large wheels.

My own choice would for sure be the Strada, as I am an urban mom. I appreciate smaller fold over large wheels, even if the smaller wheels can get bumpy on worse terrain. For you, I would recommend the Strada, if your lifestyle is, like mine, an urban one, and you will be folding your stroller often, using car or public transport, metro, etc...

So now it's up to you. Do you need a large stroller with a large... well, pretty much everything? Or would you appreciate a small size and a lower weight more? Think about your surroundings, your life, and your main (1 to 2) priorities to make the right choice ;-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.