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Mamas&Papas Strada: The basket is too close to the seat, how to make the access easier?

Jw • 01 Jan 2023

We tested the Strada in store today and found the gap between the bottom of the seat and the bottom tray to be quite tight, even with the elasticated part at the front, i.e. the gap is too small to fit anything much thicker than a hands width, and I think we'd struggle to fit a backpack/changing bag in there.

I heard there are "risers" for the seat that might help, but I can't find them.. Do you have any other ideas or alternatives to alleviate this issue? Thanks!

Eli • 02 Jan 2023

Hiya, Jw,

Well, less space is the usual "tax" to pay for smaller, more compact strollers, and you will find something like that, perhaps in other areas, with other compact strollers, too. With the Strada, there are no height adapters for the seat as far as I know, the only adaúters that would create a bit more space would be the car seat adapters, so you might have a bit more space with a capsule on.

Realistically, I cannot think of any real way to truly and safely create access to the basket other than perhaps remove it and have a tailor make one based on it, but a bit different, like with lower sides or even more elasticated sides, I am sorry to not be of more help. Other than that, I would probably go for a different model if the basket simply doesn't work for you - and it is an important feature for your lifestyle. I, personally, did not mind smaller baskets (I had a Cybex Mios, also an M&P Urbo, and I was just ok - and used a bag on the handlebar if needing more space for my bits and pieces.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.