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Mamas&Papas Strada: The backrest doesn't have a lock preventing it from moving forward from the lay flat and the intermediate position, is that ok?

Simon • 14 Jan 2023

Good morning.

We have recently tried the pushchair attachment of the Strada set and have noticed that the backrest in the lay flat position and the intermediate position does not have a lock preventing it from moving forward (towards the upright position). The upright position locks for both directions of movement. Is this by design or is it a fault?

Thank you

Eli • 14 Jan 2023

Hi, Simon,

This is more of a design question on the manufacturer, I mean, if you want to know why they did it. It is, however, not a fault, and many strollers have this "feature" - that the lower positions, by just pushing/pulling the seat forward allows for it to be positioned higher. It makes the use "easier" - not having to search for a lever if, for ex., your baby wakes up from a nap and starts getting nervous, and you want to put it in a sitting position so that it sees you and the world quickly. It, however, has to be locked in the upright position so that the seatback doesn't "fall" backward with the seat sitting. So, it is not a fault, it is quite often seen on strollers with a lever positioning system.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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