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Maclaren umbrella stroller for everyday London use with a tall toddler - what are your thoughts?

Jess • 19 Feb 2022

Hello, Eli!

I will continue to use the Vista for baby number 2 for our comfort stroller, I just meant I wanted to find a compact, lightweight & sturdy city stroller that will also stand the test of time as it will be used for 2 children over the years. Sorry I didn’t make that clear in my question!

After chatting with some friends, I’m now considering a Maclaren umbrella stroller (after discussing with my husband we realised it’s not essential for the pram to fold up and fit in overhead cabin space). If you don’t mind me asking here (but happy to post on your website if you prefer), what are your thoughts between the Maclaren Techno XT and Techno Quest?

Eli • 19 Feb 2022

Hey, Jess,

No worries about that, it might be I got it wrong.

About the Maclaren strollers - they are, quality-wise, the best there is in the world of umbrella strollers However, the umbrella design is quite cumbersome, to be honest, and you’ll never be able to push your pushchair with one hand only. I wrote about umbrella strollers - more here if you’d be interested.

So, no need for a cabin-friendly ultracompact - I also think that, BUT I actually wouldn’t go for an umbrella stroller either. Truly think of the lightweight forward-facing options, the rectangular flat shape when folded and the seat comfort are much more comfortable in everyday life!

P.S. To the small strollers that push well (like the Uppababy Minu: There are a few strollers really like that, but not all available in the UK. The TFK Dot 2 is one very nice example that even performs very well on bumps. A Baby Jogger City Mini Zip is fantastically nimble and compact and very similar to an umbrella stroller but maneuverable with one hand. Aaand the Quinny Zapp Flexsingle handlebar) are perhaps not the lightest but reversible and compact a the same time, which is interesting if you’re maybe thinking about the second baby, too.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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