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Maclaren BMW M: Can you build or adjust a stroller? How to protect an infant from the sunlight?

Tavia • 18 Mar 2022

Are you able to build your own stroller? My grandson is 14 months, he doesn't like the sunlight in his face, needs visor that will protect him from the sun. Do you have a store that is made for infants? Is it possible that I could buy a stroller that takes the head light away?

Eli • 18 Mar 2022

Hello, Tavia,

Well, one can build pretty much anything - BUT building a stroller is super difficult. If you're not a technical person, you can't really build one properly so that it would be safe for a child, it is too complex.

On the other hand, you CAN go to a store in person, try out different models - ideally with the child to try it out, and pick based on that experience and your requirements.

Another thing you can do is buy accessories that will help with your struggle. In this case, I believe a GOOD UNIVERSAL SUNVISOR will help. For example, this sun visor (click here) OR this full-coverage sun shade (click here) would do the trick. Even in person, they'll advise you and even try out with you some at a baby store.

So, all in all, to build your stroller is not the best option here, but to pick the most right one - or good accessories - would do the trick.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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