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Lorelli Helena, Joie Muze and Joie Litetrax 3 - which stroller is best from birth to 4 years old?

AHMED • 01 Apr 2022

I need to compare 3 models of strollers (Lorelli Helena, Joie Muze & Joie Litetrax3). And I need to know the better one from birth till 4 years.

Eli • 01 Apr 2022

Hi, Ahmed,

Here, the answer is absolutely clear. The Lorelly Helena buggy is super small and will never last you till four years of the child. It is too small and fragile for that, just a simple buggy usable as a second for shops and such, not a from-birth or large toddler stroller.

The Joie Muze is better, but still not very spacious in the seat. It is OK from birth, but it will last you up to around 2 years, in reality, a maximum of 2.5 years of the child.

The Joie Litetrax is the only one that will last you from birth (ideally with a carrycot for a newborn baby, or at least a car seat) until 3.5-4 years of age. It is perhaps slightly larger than the Muze, but much more roomy and better for the child.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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