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Lorelli Fiorano: Can this buggy hold a child over 15 kg & does it have suspension?

Ana • 17 Oct 2021


I have a child which is already 11 kg. I bought a Chipolino April stroller which can hold up to 22 kg. But I'm disappointed so much.

I always liked Lorelli Fiorano better. So I want to buy the Fiorano now but I'm worried about when the child reaches 15 kg, can I still drive her? Can I drive my girl up to 20 kg for example? Because parents usually doesn't pay attention too much to that, they overweight strollers.

Also, I can't find information anywhere does Lorelli Fiorano wheels have shock absorbers?

Thanks in advance. I will appreciate your answers very much

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Eli • 18 Oct 2021

Hey, Ana,

The first thing is, why were you so disappointed with the Chipolino April? Leave a review here for other parents to learn about your experience, please. It will help them a lot.

Next in line, if you didn't like it for the cheaper built and the not-so-spacious seat, you might not want to go for such a small stroller now as the Fiorano is. It is an ultracompact stroller - read more about those here, which means SMALL. Small wheels, small seat, small folded size (that's a good thing, but it requires everything else to be small as well). If you need a spacious stroller for a child over 15 kg, yo might want to consider something a bit larger, mid-size forward-facing, like a Hauck Rapid 4R or a Kinderkraft Grande LX, for example. Those are larger, but also with large seat space for a larger toddler.

If still wanting a pushchair this small - that means if you need a compact thing for occasional use only (because that is what these travel strollers are for, occasional use and plane travel mostly), do count on the Lorelli beating also cheaper, simpler. I would definitely not recommend overweighing the stroller as the bars are rather thin. A 15-16 kg child CAN go inside if you don't load the basket, but it will be a tight fit for sure. And a VERY slanted, just half-sitting (not an upright) seat.

All in all, think about your stroller priorities. Is it longevity and space inside? If so, you need a little more expensive brand known for quality, and a little larger stroller with a larger, wider, and longer seat. Is it a small folded size? Then you'll sacrifice the seat space and will feel the weaker build of such an occasional stroller. Or is it a low price? Either look at a compromise of size and a well-known brand or check pre-owned, second-hand strollers of better brands to get a cheaper model of quality.

P.S. About the suspension, yes there are small springs on the front wheels. It does absorb shocks a little - do not count on more than that. You'd notice the suspension in the Specs under the stroller if you clicked on the Suspension part (picture attached 😊).

I hope I helped, Ana. ANd I wish you good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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