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Looping Squizz 2: Does it fit the cabin luggage requirements, and will the Isofix base be of use on a plane?

Reindj • 26 Mar 2022


I was wondering if the Looping Squizz 2 can be used on an aircraft? Would the Isofix base be of any use?

Eli • 26 Mar 2022

Hello, Reindj,

I'll starts with the Isofix base, which I'll tell you I wouldn't bother with. It won't make much difference, just it will be more bulk to carry with you, which I wouldn't suggest.

About the folded size of the stroller, this is an ultracompact stroller, so yes, the folded dimensions of 57 cm x 48 cm x 25 cm should fit the airline requirements for a carry-on piece of luggage. However, the requirements are different from airline to airline, so you should always check with what the airline states to not be surprised. But, in general, yes, it should fit the overhead compartment on a plane.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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