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Longlasting off-road prams that will be compatible with the Joie i-Snug 2 car seat

Kay • 23 Aug 2022


Can you recommend some reasonably priced off-road prams which would be compatible with the Joie i-snug 2 car seat please? I'm looking for one that can fold up easily and be used for a few years ideally.

Thanks very much

Eli • 24 Aug 2022

Hi, Kay,

I personally would go with a Baby Jogger City Mini GT - and yes, I know it is not an affordable, "cheap" model, though it is super quick to fold, super roomy, and will last you till the end, and yes, with those Maxi-Cosi/Cybex adapetors, you CAN attach the i Snug 2 carseat. Really, even a pre-owned model will do you a great job and is worth paying for in terms of pushing, space and also longevity.

Apart from that, check the Joie Mytrax/Joie Mytrax Flex, or perhaps a Joie Versatrax or the Cybex Talos S if needing something not crazy expensive while reversible (yes, even the Cybex will fit the Joie car seat, the adapters attachments for the Joie and the Cybex car seats are the same).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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