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Lightweight strollers for larger toddlers

Rx • 01 Nov 2021

Can you suggest lightweight strollers for larger toddlers for every day use ? We have the uppababy vista already and love this but need something that is now more light weight for every day use but still for naps. I don’t like the umbrella style. Thanks

Eli • 01 Nov 2021

Hey there, again 😊

If you already own an Uppababy Vista and need something substantially lighter while being happy with the Uppababy, there's the Uppababy Minu which is a VERY. nice lightweight stroller.

Apart from that, I already mentioned I would certainly think of the Baby Jogger City Mini2 which is light while high quality and very very spacious, so ideal for naps of a larger child. I did love the Oyster Zero as well because of its huge canopy and a very spacious, wide seat (and super light, too). From the more affordable ones, the Joie Litetrax 4 is a popular mid-size lightweight option too, even if, to me, it feels like a bit of a smaller seat.

And, if you need ample room in the seat, like really a lot for everyday sleeping, the Valco Baby Trend clocks in at only 8 kg while being incredibly generous in the seat.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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