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leclerc Magicfold Plus: The key differences between the MF Plus and Influencer strollers from leclerc

Shomila • 28 Apr 2022

What are the key differences between the MF Plus and Influencer?

Eli • 29 Apr 2022

Hi, Shomila,

leclerc actually toot their one model, Magicfold Plus, and "re-did" it into three pretty much same buggies with just design elements that changed – the MF Plus, which is the basic one (and truly pretty much the same model perhaps in new colors), the Influencer, which is, again, the same pushchair. The Influencer offers new colors and fancier finishes, ie. the metallic-colored chassis. Then here are the partly-breathable fabrics, the colorful leatherette handle and the bumper bar finish, and new accessories to buy extra.

So if only looking at the features of this ultracompact stroller, you can go for either one as they will serve you pretty much the same.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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