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leclerc Magicfold Plus: leclerc Magicfold vs. Hauck Colibri comparison (with the newborn bassinet)

islandgirl • 21 Oct 2021


Could you offer me some comparison between the leclerc Magic Fold bundle i.e. stroller and bassinet, and the Hauck Colibri, please?

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eli & vii
Eli • 21 Oct 2021

Hi, islandgirl,

There's actually a huge difference between the Magicfold and the Hauck Colibri. I mean, the leclerc is a travel, ultra-compact stroller mainly meant for travel and occasional, e.g. around shops, use. You'll know more after reading this article about ultra-compact strollers, or in this question where I did a comparison of the leclerc Magicfold Plus and the Peg-Pérego Selfie.

The Hauck Colibri, on the other hand, is a smaller stroller, but a reversible stroller model with a full-featured functionality from birth. It is better compared with models like Cybex Mios or Bugaboo Bee than with the Magicfold. To me, the Hauck Colibri is a cheaper, cheaply made stroller, but still one made for daily use (unlike the leclerc Magicfold).

So the question is on you - what are you searching for? An occasional, travel stroller for a larger baby or a toddler, primarily (= leclerc), or a full-featured urban model from birth (meaning a reversible, though less spacious seat unit = Colibri)? Because that is the main difference, the reason to buy one. To an everyday use from birth, a travel ultracompact won't be the right option. That should, even with the carrycot, be only used with a newborn VERY occasionally, during traveling or visits (like at grandparents) - I am not sure it would be the best option of an only pram.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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