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leclerc Magicfold Plus: leclerc Magicfold Plus versus Chicco Goody: a review & comparison of durability, quality and comfort

Hiba • 12 Nov 2021


Firstly, thank you for your work here on strollberry. Love it!

I was wondering how Leclerc Magicfold would compare to Chicco Goody stroller, in terms of durability, quality and comfort; considering both are autofold and compact strollers.


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Eli • 14 Nov 2021

Hello, Hiba!

Thank you for your praise, I appreciate it greatly!

About these two strollers, the leclerc Magicfold Plus and the Chicco Goody, now.

The durability, at least in the auto-fold area, is very similar. I mean, it uses quite the same systems and mechanics, which, as every more complicated system, means an advantage as well as a weakness in terms of complexity. Also, the frames alone are similarly durable as they are SMALL, not the sturdiest in the world, but OK made in general. There will not be that much of a difference in the chassis and the fold, longevity-wise, BUT I see a difference in the wheel area, where the Chicco Goody stroller's wheels feel a bit sturdier, better made.

So, the quality is, in my opinion, very comparable, with the Chicco Goody surprising me in the way of rather well-made finishes and center of gravity. It feels of better quality in terms of wheels, basket, and central joint mostly, but there are weaker points (like the canopy) that are better made on the leclerc Magicfold.

Comfort-wise, I see two advantages of the Cdicco Goody I would start with. First is the seat back. The backrest of the leclerc just feels a bit weirder/less thought of for larger toddlers, as it is rounded, with a safety "hem" that will be in the way with an older child, and overall better thought-of on the Goody. The second comfort feature I like MUCH more is the basket, which is better and deeper, meaning also more spacious on the Chicco. The Magicfold, on the other hand, has a much better leg rest - it is not longer (unfortunately) but it is a bit sturdier, meaning you will use the inclined leg rest a bit longer, probably. We didn't miss that as much, but it's good when making your decision. Another plus of the leclerc is the canopy, not the size but the smoother, less noisy mechanics of it. It is minor, not so important to me overall, but it is good to note the hood on the Goody is simply noisier and thinner, so if that would be your stroller priority, you should know about that.

I hope I helped in what you needed to hear to make a decision 😊

Your -very berry- Eli.

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